Dr Milan Parivodić Masterclass: “Aligning Serbian Commercial and Civil Law to EU market laws: Lessons Learned”

Lecture held to law students from 28 countries on 17 March 2023 at the Belgrade Faculty of Laws – within the ELSA Winter Law School. Dr Parivodić served as Serbian government minister of finance and international economic relations (2004-2007). Since 2007 Dr Parivodić practices international commercial law. He shapes public opinion in Serbia holding public law lectures and by discussing concepts of law, politics, economy and democracy on TV and by writing articles in best weekly newspapers. 

In the last 20 years Dr Milan Parivodić drafted/advocated for/defended in Serbian Parliament key legislation which significantly aligned Serbian law  to EU market laws:

Mining Law (2021, 2015), Foreign Investment Law (2015), Foreign Trade Law (2005), Arbitration Law (2006), Mortgage Law (2006), Religious Communities Restitution Law (2006), Foreign Investment Law (2002), Concession Law (2003), Law on Efficient Protection of Intellectual Property (2006), draft Property Law (2006), draft Law on Restitution (2007), Law on Enforcement and Collaterals (2004).

In this fascinating lecture Dr Parivodić shares:

  1. lessons learned from vast law reform experience;
  2. experience of government minister  who ran law reforms in the fields of commercial and civil law;
  3. general conclusions on the real nature of law
  4. is there objective truth in social sciences including law?
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