Mrs. Gordana Petković, LLM and Dr. Parivodić head our team advising major companies, investors and international environmental consultancies on all legal, institutional, economic and other issues of environmental protection in Serbia and region. 


She is actively involved in legal and economic aspects of environmental protection, both internationally and nationally. Mrs. Petković dedicated decades into developing international environmental law and preparation and implementation of Serbian environmental legislation. 


Mrs. Petković personally drafted, introduced and then implemented EU environmental legislation in Serbia. She has broad experience in:


  • Horizontal legislation (environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, integrated pollution and prevention control – IPPC etc.)
  • Waste management
  • Chemical management
  • Nature protection
  • Air protection
  • Water protection
  • Noise
  • Industrial pollution
  • Climate change


We provide most authoritative legal opinions on all matters of environmental law. We procure approvals for environmental impact studies, waste management, and all other permitting issued by the Ministry of Protection of Environment. We are experienced in all aspects of waste management and circular economy in general. Also we assist in structuring public-private partnership with municipalities for providing the supply of waste.


Developing and maintaining transparent and effective government relations is essential in developing environmental projects. While establishing and maintaining partnership between investors and the Government, we at all times fully protect ethical integrity of all stakeholders including ourselves. No member of our team is engaged with or related to any public authority body or political party whatsoever.

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