Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions

In the last few years there is increased interest and awareness of public-private partnerships (PPPs) and concessions. There is a shared understanding that PPPs will become vital for further development of Serbian public infrastructure. PPPs mostly apply to reconstruction and maintenance of public lighting and public transportation, production and distribution of heat from renewable energy resources, treatment and disposal of communal waste, but there are still other industries that could benefit from such projects. 


Our team provides a broad array of expert services in public-private partnerships (which may or may not include elements of concession): 


  • Providing professional advice in the matter
  • Preparing and reviewing the documents requested in public invitation or tender
  • Preparing and reviewing unsolicited proposals of the proposed project from the private partner
  • Reviewing or participating in the drafting of public-private contracts
  • Obtaining necessary permits, consents or regulatory approvals 
  • Dispute Resolution


Developing and maintaining transparent and effective government relations is essential in PPPs and concessions, and we can support you effectively. We at all times fully protect the integrity of all stakeholders, including ourselves. No member of our team is engaged with or related to any public authority body or political party whatsoever.

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