Foreign Investment

Our practice is predominantly dedicated to supporting complex investment projects in Serbia and making them into landmark success projects.  From your first arrival to Serbia our duty is to advise you how to navigate very safely and effectively and safeguard you from any problems. We know exactly investors’ rights and how to safeguard them. Dr. Parivodić drafted several critical parts of the Serbian Investment Law (2015) and former Foreign Investment Law (2003). 


For investors in a foreign country it is of paramount importance to be involved with serious partners, contractors, suppliers, purchasers. We know exactly who is who in Serbia. 


Above rights guaranteed to all investors, foreign investors enjoy additional rights conferred by Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and international conventions (e.g. ICSID). We understand the complexities and nuances of applying BITs and – in worst case – of running investor-state arbitrations together with international arbitration law firms.


However, invoking investment law rights comes only as last resort – after a relationship with the host Government has been severed. We regularly prevent such harmful development by advising you in establishing partnership with the Serbian Government and local governments. 


Developing and maintaining transparent and effective government relations is essential in developing projects and we at all times fully protect the integrity of all stakeholders, including ourselves. No member of our team is engaged with or related to any public authority body or political party whatsoever.

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