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Franchisors and suppliers willing to step out of their comfort zones will find excellent opportunities for franchise expansion among the 60 million underserved consumers in the Balkan countries. The countries of this regions include: Albania (population 3 million), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3,5 million), Bulgaria (7 million), Croatia (4 million), Greece (10,7 million), Northern Macedonia (2 million), Montenegro (0,6 million), Romania (19,4 million), Serbia (7 million) and Slovenia (2 million). 


With our regional network of franchise and distribution lawyers and experts, we coordinate the development of your franchise or distribution network in the Balkans region. 


Services we provide in the region:


  • Advise in drafting and closing master franchise agreements, area development agreements, multi-franchise area, franchise agreements, distribution, agency and licensing agreements
  • Legal support related to operations manuals and other documentation
  • Negotiations before and during the life of a franchised or distribution business 
  • Drafting and filing of disclosure documents
  • Franchise registrations and filings
  • All commercial agreements related to the ongoing business
  • IP related structuring
  • Establishing tax efficient company structures
  • Dispute resolution
  • Transfer or Mergers & Acquisitions


Dr. Milan Parivodic leads our franchising and distribution practice. He is the leading expert in the region with several decades of experience in distribution networks. 


Dr. Slobodan Marković is the leading intellectual property expert in South-Eastern Europe. Former managing director of the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia and internationally renowned professor of intellectual property at the Belgrade Faculty of Laws. His deep expertise includes copyright, trademarks, registered designs, computer software protection, internet domains and patent law.

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