We regularly and successfully advise mining majors and exploration juniors in all stages of exploration and mining. 


We legally advise and support mining companies in obtaining all permits issued by the Ministry of Mining:


  • geological exploration permits 
  • certificate of resources and reserves 
  • exploitation field permits 
  • mine construction permits 
  • approvals for transfer of permits. 


We advise and support in acquiring all other approvals and permitting:   


  • Spatial planning adoption
  • Approval for Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Study
  • Approval for Environmental Impact Study and other permits issued by the Ministry of Protection of Environment
  • Water permits and all other permits issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Waters and Forestry
  • Decisions on conversion of agricultural and forestry land into construction land for mining fields


We provide services for:


  • Buying of land parcels for mining fields
  • Contracts for leasing of land parcels from SrbijaŠume – Public Forestry Management Company of Serbia


We draft, negotiate and close all agreements related to mineral interests and their financing such as earn-in agreements, investment agreements with the state, share of output agreements, transfer of mineral interest agreements etc.


We maintain a network of law firms specializing in mining law connecting South Eastern Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Slovakia.


Dr. Parivodic is general legal counsel to the Geological and Mining Association of Serbia (GRAS) since its foundation in 2014. Dr. Parivodić participated in drafting Serbian Mining law (2015) and its Amendments (2021) where he introduced clear definitions of rights and obligations of all permits holders, exclusivity of exploration and mining rights, sufficient time to explore minerals, revocation of permits only on pre-defined objective grounds, automatic conversion from exploration to mining, ancillary rights to conduct activities necessary to support exploitation, principles, investment agreement, PERC reporting standard, IFC environmental protection standards, Chamber of Mining and Geological Engineers, geological exploration in protective area around exploitation field without exploration permit, holder of the Certificate of reserves has the right to obtain an exploitation field who then has the right to obtain a mine building permit, etc.


For geological exploration and mining companies developing and maintaining of transparent and effective government relations is essential. We provide this service very effectively for years to companies ranging from mining majors to junior exploration companies. While establishing and maintaining partnership between investors and the Government, we at all times fully protect ethical integrity of all stakeholders, including ourselves. No member of our team is engaged with or related to any public authority body or political party whatsoever.

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