Permitting & Regulatory

We support, advise and represent foreign investors in developing and maintaining investment projects in Serbia, often in highly regulated industries like mining, energy and construction of various industrial and infrastructure facilities and commercial facilities. 


We legally advise and support the timely issuance of all required permits, approvals, adoption of document, requirements for planning:


  • All permits issued by the Mining Ministry – Geological exploration permit, Certificate of resources and reserves, Exploitation field permit, Mine construction permit, Approval for transfer of permit 
  • Energy Ministry for power plants (hydro, solar, wind, thermal)
  • All construction permits issued by the Ministry of Construction – for industrial, infrastructure, energy and other major facilities 
  • Approvals for spatial planning documents for projects – Special purpose spatial plan, Urbanistic project, etc. 
  • All permits issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection such as approval for Environmental impact studies, Strategic impact assessment study, waste management facilities, etc.
  • All permits issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Waters such as water permits, etc.  
  • Residential and commercial property permits
  • National Bank of Serbia permits for banks, insurance companies, investment funds, etc.
  • Competition authority clearances


For our clients we develop excellent Serbian government and local government relations of impeccable integrity. Developing and maintaining transparent and effective government relations is essential in permitting. 


While establishing and maintaining partnership between investors and the Government, we at all times fully protect ethical integrity of all stakeholders, including ourselves. No member of our team is engaged with or related to any public authority body or political party whatsoever.

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